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Our Work


Family Mentor Teams

Each new immigrant family who arrives in the capital area may choose to work with a Family Mentor Team. Each team is composed of 3-4 local families who volunteer to provide logistical, social, and educational support to help the New Mainers adjust to life in the capital area.


Better Housing Program

CANMP offers grants and micro-loans to help families pay for security deposits and other costs associated with moving to more appropriate housing. We also negotiate with local landlords and serve as co-signers on rental agreements for properties that we sublease to immigrant families.


Community Gatherings

CANMP regularly sponsors events that bring people together to learn and develop relationships, including holiday celebrations, potluck dinners, and the International Kids Festival each July. Many events take place at our home, the Augusta Multicultural Center. 

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Educational Programs

CANMP hosts programs to educate the broader community, including workshops, movie screenings, panel discussions, cooking demonstrations, and Arabic classes. We also offer programs to build immigrants' skills, including English classes.


Kids & Teens Programs

CANMP helps organize tutoring and summer enrichment. We collaborate with the local YMCA to provide scholarships for summer camp, and we offer the Kennebec New Mainer Scholarship to support students pursuing higher education.


Public Advocacy

CANMP organizes local residents to support the immigrant community. We emphasize our message about welcoming immigrants through public events, advocacy, traditional media, and social media.

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